Welcome Poem

Welcome to Redbud, we're glad you are here.

Experience Iyengar, a method quite clear.

Our teachers experienced, and in love with their craft.

As tension releases you'll find you have laughed,

Or at least have felt lighter at the end of each class

As the surface of face is now smooth as glass.

You'll find an alignment that may feel quite strange

As feet facing forward may be a big change.

But you'll find there's a rhythm and a method that stacks

Instructions and principles more potent than facts.

On floor of bamboo not far from the river,

You'll bend and you'll twist, massaging the liver.

You'll learn how to stand quite rooted to ground

So the winds of your life don't toss you around.

You'll learn upside down in right-side up ways,

How much is too much as non-violence phrase

Takes on meaning inside your body and mind

As who you once were, you might leave behind!

"I don't have the time," your mind offers up.

But it is only you who can fill your own cup.

And when you take time to nourish yourself

Your loved ones will bless your radiant health.

"I'm too stiff for yoga," your mind might confess.

But thanks to Iyengar on props you can rest

'Til strength and and endurance and opening come

And props will get smaller: you'll find your way home.

"I'm really too old, I can't do such bending!"

But that's only fear, and rather than ending

Your life's just beginning -- come stay for a while.

Your body-mind's lightness will soften your smile.



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