Fees:  All Classes,  Except Meditation & Back Care/Neck & Shoulder Basics

  1. Monthly fee for weekly class is $14 times four or five (depending on number of classes that month,.e.g., Mondays in January 2017, four @ $56; Tuesdays in January, 5 @$70).
    Semester discount -- save $16:  winter/spring 2017, Mondays 20@$264; Tues 22 @$292; Wed 22 @$292; Thurs 21 @$278.
  2. Fee is due at first class.
  3. Punch card, valid for six months from date of purchase, $150 for ten classes.
  4. Drop in fee $17 per class.
  5. Gift Certificates are available for $28 or more, and are valid one year from date of purchase.
  6. You may check with Jan about exchanging your skills for yoga instruction if fees are the only reason you are not signing up for a class.

Fees:  Meditation; Back Care/Neck & Shoulder Basics; Private Instruction

  1. Meditation Class, 4 consecutive @$24, or $7 drop in fee.
  2. Neck & Shoulder/ Back Care Basics, 4 consecutive $100, or drop in $30 per class.
  3. Private Instruction fees are negotiated with instructor with preference of 7 @$450; or $75 per session after initial interview & session for $90, for those not committing to at least seven sessions.   

Registration & Make Up Policies:

While gift certificates are transferable to another individual, classes are not. Pro-rated late registration is available for semester discounts, up to two weeks into the semester. Students currently enrolled may make up a missed class in any class of the same or lower level, during the month/semester in which enrolled. Cancellations are accepted only during the first two weeks of the session, with a $20 cancellation fee plus drop in rate for any classes attended.


All tuition less the first class fee will be refunded after the first class of the series. After the second class, 50% of the tuition less $34 (two drop in classes) will be refunded. No refunds will be given after the third class. Date of the refund request, not class attendance, will be used as the criteria for dating refunds. Refund requests must be received by text or email or discussed with the instructor prior to the day of the class. No refunds are available for cancellation of private sessions nor for Saturday workshops.


Redbud Yoga classes are automatically canceled when Quincy Public Schools cancel classes due to inclement weather.

  • Please wear bare feet, visible knees, and an empty stomach to your yoga class.
  • Avoid the use of lotions, oils and perfumes before class.
  • If you have an acute illness such as the flu or a bad cold, please check with the instructor or make up the class later.
  • Before class begins please let the instructor know if you are pregnant or menstruating so that she can adapt poses as appropriate for you.