Redbud Yoga weaves midwestern roots with deeper roots of certified Iyengar Yoga

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If Quincy Public Schools cancel due to winter weather, Redbud Yoga also cancels classes.


First Fridays

Free Intro Class

5:30-6:45 pm

(Bring your checkbook because you body will want to come back!)

Special Saturdays

9:00 - 11:45 a.m., $39
(please register 48 hours in advance)

Rest & Renew Retreat for Women

Restorative poses, introspective time & sharing time for women of all ages, shapes & sizes!
Nov. 5

Saturdays for Deepening

Extend, then Bend

Back Extensions
Sept. 17

Out & About

Meditation Basics

Quincy Art Center

August 19, October 14, & January 6

5:30 - 6:30 pm

Free for art center members

(Others $8)

Quincy Public Schools

Watch for Carol Nichols' teaching Iyengar yoga at Quincy Public Schools this fall!

IYAMW* fall retreat:

Discriminative Awareness

Beginners & experienced students welcome -- two tracks

Sept. 23-25, Palmer House, Chicago

Early bird registration by Aug. 15 saves you $$

To register, click here

*Iyengar Yoga Association of the Midwest



Redbud Yoga weaves midwestern roots with deeper roots of certified Iyengar Yoga

Jan R. Barrett, M.S.

640 S. 5th, Suite B Quincy, IL 62301
(217) 779-9642 (YOGA)

Classes/Workshops/Individual Instruction in

Certified Iyengar YogaCertified Iyengar Yoga

Asanas for HealingGentle Yoga

Asanas for HealingMeditation

Asanas for HealingRest & Renewal

Asanas for HealingResorative Yoga

Asanas for HealingWellness Counseling

Wellness, Stress ManagementWellness & Stress Management

Redbud Yoga weaves Midwestern roots with deeper roots of traditional Iyengar Yoga. We ground to ascend.

Experience the Difference! Iyengar Yoga


"I enjoyed it immensely…you're a great teacher; a stickler for form and a real teacher." (male, 50s)
"I haven't had to go to the chiropractor since I started yoga six weeks ago. You've done a lot for my peace of mind - I was going 150 mph - I've slowed down!" (male, 50s)
"I am grateful for the routine you and Carol worked up for me at home…The stretching makes such a difference with my back." (female, 60s)
"I really appreciate your detail, your attention to safety especially for my stiff body, and clear instruction about how to come out of the poses." (female, 30s)

"I don't know anyone that can explain the poses and why we move in and out of them like you can or the way you adjust poses with issues we are dealing with." (female, 50s)
"I truly enjoy your classes.  You instruct with such integrity, knowledge, and respect for the practice of yoga and your students. I've never experienced that in other classes. I especially appreciate your attention to detail and individual care.  Thank you for your guidance." (female, 50s)
"I have done my sacrum movements every day…and I am anxious to show you that they have been very effective." (male, 60s)
"I am really thankful, and really happy, that I learned yoga from you.  You changed my life." (male, 50s)

"Thank you again for the wonderful, very healing yoga practice on Monday.  You provided a much needed sanctuary and I am so grateful."  (female, 50s)
"I didn't realize how good that class would be for me [a restorative class]." (female, 20s)
"Thank you so much for all the soothing." (female, 60s)
"I really enjoyed Carol's teaching and the restorative sequence." (female, 60s)

"Going to you is more than just a body work or experience.  There is always something that is spiritual taking place.  It was evident today.  You are a healer…or a better way of saying it is you are able to avail yourself as a 'space' through which we can find our balance and true health." (male, 60s)
"I'm glad I had one full year, uninterrupted, of yoga with you.  It helped me realize how beneficial it is as part of my life." (female, 50s)
"Your support is always a lift and I was needing one this week.  And - you really get it.  You are one of the most deeply spiritual, thoughtful people I know.  I am blessed to have you as a friend and spiritual mentor." (male, 60s)
"When I came to the studio tonight I said to myself, 'There's no place like home.'" (female, 50s)

Connect to the Quiet

Connect to the Quiet Text

  • Guided relaxation with Jan's soothing voice
  • CD available at studio and other locations
  • You may also order by emailing us at:
  • See Poems & Possibilities for feedback re: Connect to the Quiet

$19.49 plus tax
$15.00 for Redbud Yoga Students!


Now available as a download at

"Jan Barrett guides you through a deep relaxation that is systematic as well as penetrating through the many layers of the body and mind. Savasana is a highly desired, but very difficult pose to achieve. Jan's instructions will help yoga practitioners to delve into this pose."

Lois Steinberg, Ph.D, Director
Iyengar Yoga Institute of Champaign-Urbana

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Align... Refine... Recline... Divine... with Redbud Yoga. We offer beginning & continuing level Iyengar yoga classes, days, evenings and Saturdays. Individual instruction, Saturday workshops & retreats for women also are available. Director Jan Barrett, M.S., blends a background in psychology & wellness with the metaphors of the Midwest. Students say, "The feeling of being cared for, surrounded by a loving ambiance, makes my body feel wonderful! " We are located in West Central Illinois in a lovely, spacious studio located at 640 S. 5th (corner of 5th & Payson), Quincy, Illinois 62301. . . Align... Refine... Recline... Divine

Iyengar yoga emphasizes vigorous standing poses, alignment, and the use of the props to access optiml health

"Yoga" comes from a Sanskrit word meaning to yoke; or union. "It is the true union of our will with the will of God," says B.K.S. Iyengar in Light on Yoga.

A form of hatha yoga, Iyengar yoga emphasizes vigorous standing poses, alignment, and the use of props to access optimal health. B.K.S. Iyengar has systematized asanas (poses) "based on the anatomical structure and function of the body and a sequential progression of movement. It brings a progressive activation of the internal body so that one penetrates through the outer body to the inner one, and again, through the body and the mind to excavate the hidden energy of one's very existence, to reach the source of being, the soul." (from Yoga In ActionPreliminary Course by Geeta S. Iyengar). It is through the practice of asanas that one experiences firsthand all of the eight limbs of yoga, from core philosophical principles such as non-violence and truthfulness...through control of the senses and the breath..through concentration and meditation... samadhi (union with the divine).

Learning to Live in the Natural World

Before beginning this journey inward, we must clarify its nature. There is a frequent misunderstanding of the journey inward or the spiritual path, which suggests to most people a rejection of the natural world, the mundane, the practical, the pleasurable.  On the contrary, to a yogi (or indeed a Taoist master or Zen monk) the path toward spirit lies entirely in the domain of nature.  It is the exploration of nature from the world of appearances, or surface, into the subtlest heart of living matter. Spirituality is not some external goal that one must seek but a part of the divine core of each of us, which we must reveal.  For the yogi, spirit is not separate from the body.  Spirituality, as I have tried to make clear, is not ethereal and outside nature but accessible and palpable in our very own bodies. Indeed the very idea of a spiritual path is a misnomer. After all, how can you move toward something that, like Divinity, is already by definition everywhere? A better image might be that if we tidy and clean our houses enough, we might one day notice that Divinity has been sitting in them all along. We do the same with the sheaths of the body, polishing them until they become a pure window to the divine.

A scientist sets out to conquer nature through knowledge - external nature, external knowledge.  By these means he may split the atom and achieve external power.  A yogi sets out to explore his own internal nature, to penetrate the atom (atma) of being.  He does not gain dominion over wide lands and restless seas, but over his own recalcitrant flesh and febrile mind.  This is the power of compassionate truth. The presence of truth can make us feel naked, but compassion takes all our shame away. It is this inner quest for growth and evolution, or "involution," that is the profound and transformational yogic journey that awaits the seeker after Truth. We begin this involution with what is most tangible, our physical body, and the yogasana practice helps us to understand and learn how to play this magnificent instrument that each of us has been given.

B.K.S. Iyengar,
Light on Life, pages 19 & 20

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course descriptions

An introduction to postures and breathing for beginners & students new to the Iyengar method. Students are expected to attend every session and be willing to begin a home practice.

For those who have completed at least eight weeks of Iyengar yoga instructoruction. Home practice expected.

For students with six months or more of Iyengar practice. Includes backbends, inversions & restorative poses. Home practice expected.

For students with structural, organic/hormonal, or emotional needs. Poses are individualized & a home practice is expected.

For students not yet ready for a vigorous class and needing more than anything, rest & renewal. Uses bolsters & other props to open & support the body.

ASANA I for Seniors or Stiffness
A gentle introduction to Iyengar yoga's core principles, for those whose stiffness or age would assume you'd never endure (or enjoy!) a yoga class. Consult with Jan if you have major health issues.

Learn specific poses and appropriate use of props to lengthen and align the spine.  Requires conversation with instructor and pre-registration prior to first class.

Learn specific poses and appropriate use of props such as walls to improve alignment and mobility of neck and shoulder areas.  Requires conversation with instructor and pre-registration prior to first class.

Brief, gentle poses to ease into sitting, then seated meditation.  All levels welcome!

For special occasions, or for that special someone, Jan will design a half day of renewal and renovation for the soul. The experience will be designed from conversation with or about the special person/occasion. For one person or a group, Yoga By Design may include yoga, meditation, journaling and other methods of journeying inside. Fee $499 for up to twelve participants.

For students who would like to deepen their practice or work on specific issues. There is a four session minimum for new students, scheduled and payable prior to first session.

A workshop allows extra time so that students can further refine and deepen their focus.

Saturday mornings, set aside to gently move the body, quiet the mind & nourish the soul, for women only. The three hours include meditation time and restorative yoga. (Available to a group of men upon request.)

Call for information about yoga, meditation, relaxation, wellness, stress management courses in schools, workplaces, retreats, etc.


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Connect to the Quiet

Guided tour through the body,
A pause at each port,
Each place of awareness
A mini resort.

Resort in which quiet
Could maybe abide
While breath breathes you gently
As incoming tide.

Resort where the tension
Can all melt away,
A place that's not perfect,
Yet perfect for play.

A place where suggestion
Strategically placed
Shifts internal gears-
No longer life's race
Need drag you along,
Cork bobbing on sea-
Say, "Waters, be still,
As I learn to BE."

If this is a tour
You long to be on,
Connect to the Quiet,
Hear body's sweet song.

Guided tour for five minutes
If you're in a hurry,
Or longer one's twelve
If less you must scurry.

Luxury liner
Lasts twenty minutes,
Each moment's soft breathing
Lets stress do its penance.

Connect to the quiet.
Hear Jan's gentle voice.
Come inside; align:
Let your body rejoice.

With deep gratitude and love for all who encouraged, cajoled, insisted and assisted in the process of my voice's becoming available on this lovely CD called Connect to the Quiet. -April 2010


Connect to the Quiet Text

  • Guided relaxation with Jan's soothing voice
  • CD available via mail order, at studio & other locations
  • You may also order on-line at

$15.00 for Redbud Yoga Students!

Feedback re: Connect to the Quiet...

"...what a WONDERFUL CD you have made!!! Such a soothing voice with simple to follow instructions, even if an individual has no yoga experience!! Thanks...."

Sandy McKenna, yoga student
Quincy, Illinois

"Your CD is WONDERFUL! I have been using it at night after my hot bath and before bed. My muscles are much more compliant when you tell them to relax than when I merely think about them relaxing."

Margie Humphries, yoga student
Palmyra, Missouri


Jan will write you a poem for you, for a loved one, or for a special occasion. Call (217) 779-9642 for details!


Schedules for 2017

Winter Into Spring Schedule



Second class free during the first two weeks of a class series.
Email your name, address, phone number and e-mail, and we'll send you "Four Tips for Beginners!"
Begin anytime in first six weeks
of a class series, fee pro-rated


Receive Tips for a Home Practice when you get a friend to enroll in a yoga class.

Support your yoga center and your own practice with a Redbud Yoga Membership.

Membership Has its Privileges!

Support our Iyengar Yoga community and your own practice by becoming a member of Redbud Yoga. Students with memberships receive access to the studio for personal practice time, including the opportunity to practice with peers and to use studio props, at any time the studio has no class scheduled. (Calendar of available times will be provided to all members).

You don't need a membership to enroll in classes -- memberships aim to support your own practice and our yoga center.!

Fixed Income.....$45        Family.......$90
Individual.......$60             Lifetime....$500

All memberships except lifetime are for one year.


Carol Nichols in Parsvakonasana
Vicki Sandercock in Wall Salamba Sarvangasana
Jan Barrett in Salamba Savasana - Supported Corpse Pose

Carol Nichols in Parsvakonasana

-Flank Stretch Pose

Photograph by Carol Nichols

Vicki Sandercock in Wall Salamba Sarvangasana

- Supported All-Limb Pose

Jan Barrett in Salamba Savasana
- Supported Corpse Pose
Photograph by Lisa Wigoda & Larry Flavell

Photograph by Kay Whitfield

Schedule Instructors, Jan Barret, Sherry Bukstein, Janice Vogel


Jan Barrett, M.S., director, is certified to teach Iyengar yoga by the B.K.S. Iyengar Association of the United States, IYNAUS. Jan has studied with the Iyengars in India and at four national conventions. She studies regularly with Lois Steinberg, Ph.D., Director of the Iyengar Yoga Institute of Champaign-Urbana. Jan teaches  all Asana II & III classes, Gentle Yoga, and some beginning level classes.

Carol Nichols, M.S., M.A., earned her Introductory Level certification from the B.K.S. Iyengar Association of the U.S. in 2011 and her Intermediate Junior I in 2015. She studies regularly with Lois Steinberg, PhD, and other gifted teachers. To her teaching Carol brings precision, clarity, and clear-seeing. Carol teaches Asana I, I-II and II classes and assists in Gentle Asana also.



Vicki has been practicing Iyengar yoga since 1996 and assists Jan in Gentle Asana classes and in Back Care Basics and Neck and Shoulder Basics.  Vicki expresses a lightness and vitality which enliven her practice & her teaching.


Policy on class fees, introductory classes, make-ups and refunds

Full fee for each class series is payable to Redbud Yoga prior to first class.  Other arrangements are possible - please call!!

New students who want to experience one class without committing to a series of classes may take their second class free during the first two weeks of a class series.

Make-ups must be completed within the current series. Yoga classes are automatically cancelled if Quincy Public Schools cancel classes/activities due to inclement weather. If Redbud Yoga cancels class, students can make up the missed class or request a refund.

Individuals with serious injuries or illnesses are expected to consult with the instructor before the first class and will be admitted into class at her discretion. Gentle Asana classes or individual instruction may be an option for such students.

  specific fees

Fixed Income.....$45        Family.......$90
Individual.......$60             Lifetime....$500
See schedule for details.

$12 per class session; full fee for a series payable prior to first class. Continuing students may join a class at any time by paying the remaining fee. Students enrolled in more than one class per week can pay $10 rather than $12 for the second/third class. Fee for teens is $6 per class, with full fee for a class series due prior to first class.

$12 for students currently enrolled in a class series and wishing to take an additional class session occasionally. $15 for students not currently enrolled in a class series. Teens $7 drop-in fee.

Consult with instructor.

All tuition less the first class fee will be refunded after the first class of the series. After the second class, 50% of the tuition less the first class fee will be refunded. No refunds will be given after the third class. Date of the refund request, not class attendance, will be used as the criteria for dating refunds. Refund requests must be either received by mail or discussed with the instructor prior to the day of class. No refunds are available for cancellation of private sessions, nor for the Saturday workshops.

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The yogi realizes that his life and all its activities are part of the divine action in nature

"The yogi realizes that his life and all its activities are part of the divine action in nature... In the beating of his pulse and the rhythm of his respiration, he recognizes the flow of the seasons and the throbbing of universal life. His body is a temple which houses the Divine Spark. He feels that to neglect or deny the needs of the body and to think of it as something not divine is to neglect and deny the universal life of which it is a part." -B.K.S. Iyengar, Light on Yoga


Macomb Yoga

Living Graciously

Unity of Quincy

stretch, strengthen, rest
Jan Barrett, Redbud Yoga, Quincy, IL

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